Sunday, 9 August 2009

Monolith — by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg

A surprising piece for pure electronics, mouth organ, metal string and contact microphone is gradually down-graded to reach infra-bass sound-sculpting. A work in 4 parts between noise-trajectory study and signal-loss testing.


N.B. "Monolith IV" cannot be heard on mediocre sound-systems. If using headphones, beware of high volume listening...
Conceived by Franck Smith. Performed by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg
Recorded November/December 2007, time 69:12, ref. 9173-654
Released in January 2008 on Odiolorgnette

A silica(te) replica — by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg

Between June and September 2007 Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg re-worked and ordered his personal sound-material to create his first recording ever. The complexity to organize – and fix on a recording – textures and patterns that are not supposed to be heard twice, forces him to dissect his own playing. The result of this precise and quasi analitic inventory is a succession of sonic equations or sound-formulas that conjugate the scientific qualities of experimental composition with synthetic aspects of a raw material empirically obtained and selected. Made of shamanic-like sonorities (such as gongs, metal bells, deep frame drums...) viewed via a digital/analogic electronic prism using real-time treatments – A silica(te) replica presents for the first time on disc the peculiar language enigmatic figure Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg.

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N.B. this recording documents orginal sound-sources transfered onto vinyl (12''/33 rpm), slowed down and altered...
Composed & performed by Qiipnm'id Yorgomnüg
Recorded in 2007, time 38:22 , Ref odl.9173-653
Released in November 2007 on Odiolorgnette